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Author Astrid Almodovar, MD, MPA
Website https://mymetabolicmeter.com
Last Update Monday, September 26, 2016
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As a busy family doctor in Newark, New Jersey, I was faced with the challenge of delivering quality medical care to an increasingly complex patient population in an increasingly complex healthcare environment.

To help me meet these challenges, I developed The Metabolic MeterĀ®.

The Metabolic Meter is a comprehensive web based system that translates the "letters and numbers" of clinical medicine into actionable health information for patients, promotes shared accountability, and delivers education specifically designed to serve culturally diverse, low literacy populations.

At the heart of the system is "the meter": an easy-to-use, interactive visualization of a patient's risk for metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease. It is designed to help you engage patients to improve their lifestyles and behaviors by vividly showing, in real-time, how the changes they make effect their disease risks.

In addition, the meter provides you with the ability to easily set and track goals for your patients. To help make those changes "stick" between visits, you can use the meter's "take home" page which includes includes the personalized goals you've set.

At the level of your patient population, the system will help you identify those who will benefit most from intensive interventions so that you can prevent progression to diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The system's data collection features can help you evaluate clinical interventions, report quality metrics, and collect data for epidemiological studies.

The system can also be used as a patient portal for your practice.

I've designed the system to be "turnkey" without requiring complex and expensive integration with your current system. It is easily scalable and it's interface is localized in both English and Spanish.

The Metabolic MeterĀ® will help you make every visit count!

- Astrid Almodovar, MD, MPA