The Family Caregiver Application helps two-way communications and coordination of care for patients and their caregivers. The application is embedded directly within the electronic medical record (EMR) and in the healthcare provider’s workflow for optimal use of clinical and patient-reported data during patient appointments. The application is also accessible to patients and caregivers from the convenience of their home. Family Caregiver Application uses SMART on FHIR so the application can be used in healthcare systems anywhere.

The Family Caregiver Application features include:

Calendar that integrates medical and personal appointments and helps coordinate medical care (chemotherapy, radiation therapy, etc.)

Patient-managed medication scheduler based on daily activities.

Allows patients to express preferences, values, and items/activities that are important to patients beyond the treatment of their disease.

Provides information on health care team members, including roles and contact numbers.

Journal-like feature to write notes and enable a narrative driven dialogue during the healthcare encounter.

The application was developed and piloted in one of the most complex therapeutic areas – oncology – and is designed to be translated to other therapeutic areas to enhance coordination of family caregiving activities among medical and caregiving teams. “The Family Caregiver Application enables our team to create a more personalized experience with each patient during a very difficult time. With this application, we are able to engage with family caregivers on a deeper level by planning treatment appointments around important personal upcoming events and answer medical questions that the patient or caregiver may otherwise forget to ask during a scheduled appointment,” said Rajiv Panikkar, MD, Chair of the Geisinger Cancer Institute.

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